TUJ-560M / TUJ-630M

The TUJ-560M and TUJ-630M is a universal lathe, suitable especially for repair workshops because of it versatility and high range of equipment.


High power of driving motor and machine’s rigid construction allow turning with high speed steel tools, sintered carbide tools and ceramic plate tools. The TUJ-560M and TUJ-630M have electromagnetic clutch and brake release.

Spindle speed range ensures economical lathe operating while roughing and after machining on cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals. Universal feed box and lathe kinematics allows execution of a wide range of threads: metric, screw, modular.

Standard lathe version TUJ-560M and TUJ-630M are manufactured in metric system with spindle nose C11.

Technical data

Distance between centresmm1440;1940;2940;
Max. turning lengthmm1350;1850;2850;
Swing over bedmm560630
Swing over cross slidemm370440
Swing in gapmm800870
Width of top cradle part *mm370
Spindle nose PN-ISO-702-3mmC11
Spindle boremm90
Metrical spindle tapermm100
Spindle speed rangerot./min20-1600
Main drive motorkW11
Ouill travelmm180
Quil inner taperMorse’a5B



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